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Information on technical modifications

We listen carefully to the feedback from our clients and, based on their suggestions, we continuously adjust and improve the system. We have now been able to optimize the sensitivity of the New Measurement Version by improving the filtration. This modification reduced the incidence of erroneous measurements in this version.

We emphasize that even if the implemented optimization reduces the number of erroneous measurements, it is still necessary to carefully follow the basic procedures of standardization of the measurement (eg skin moisturizing, calming down before starting the measurement, correct cheststrap position, resting conditions, ...). If the record is of too low quality (= too many inaccuracies in it), the system does not have enough accurate data to determine a valid result and the measurement is marked as incorrect. This applies to all measurement versions.


Because there are several frequently asked questions about using the New Version of Measurement, we would like to provide you with answers to them:

Is the New Measurement the same as the previous Short Measurement?

Not. The new version of measurement is significantly more sophisticated and differs in the measurement process itself. More info.

Is it necessary to "calibrate" the new version of the measurement by occasionally using the previous / longer version?

This is no longer necessary. The new version of the measurement (3-5min, lay, stand, lay) works completely differently from the old version of the Short measurement (4min, only lying position). It is not necessary to interleave it now with the Previous / longer version. We recommend that you choose the version of measurement that suits you and use it for a long time.

Are New Version measurements included in the determination of mySASY Training Profile?

Yes. Measurements with the New Version are also included in the profile. The profile is completed based on 8 measurements. We recommend repeating the profile determination ervery 1-2 months. More information about the profile can be found - HERE.


Do you have any further questions about the New Measurement Version? Do not hesitate to contact, we will be happy to advise you.


Thank you for helping us move our system further and further.

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