New version of measurement with the result in just 3 minutes.


3-5 minutes

At this speed, a new measurement will take place in the mySASY update. Significant acceleration of measurements is possible thanks to hundreds of thousands of recorded data and the most modern algorithmic calculations of the mathematical company Gauss Algorithmic.

Not long ago, mySASY underwent a significant upgrade - a new application mySASY Training (Android and iOS) was launched, the client interface for displaying results was improved and the myTraining module (BETA) was added. Despite recent innovations in the system, we certainly do not plan to rest and slow down further development. Data, support and feedback from our clients are a great driving force and motivation for us. Just as you improve your sports performance and reduce your track times, we work on system innovations. We are pleased to announce another big step in the development of mySASY in the form of a new (faster) version of the measurement.

Thanks to the amount of recorded data, advanced artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art mathematical calculations from Gauss Algorithmic, we were able to shorten the time of standard mySASY measurement from 15 minutes to approximately 3-5 minutes (= 187 scans) in a new update (labeled 3.0.0).

How did we do it?

The main basis was data from hundreds of thousands of measurements and an AI model that will perform an analytical calculation at one point, which the prosefional would be able to handle in 3 years of analysis without interruption. At Gauss Algorithmic, they tested various approaches, including recurrent neural networks, and finally chose the Gradient Boosting Decision Tree (GBRT). The difficult task of this shortening was the automatic recognition of measurement phases that are unique, both for each individual and for a differently loaded system. This was solved thanks to a combination of several methods led by wild binary segmentation (WBS).

From February 2021, all clients of the Basic+ / Sport premium programs will be able to use the result of this great evolutionary step of mySASY in a new update of mySASY Training app (labeled 3.0.0).


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