If you are over 12 years old and want to achieve any improvement, the answer is NOW. The results will vary in different phases of life and training. The monitoring the dependence of the results on this change will show you the best way to improve your condition. Monitoring will show you what has the best impact on your body and what is your overall adaptation capacity. The "start to use it (mySASY) in the training period" approach is clearly wrong. You will lose the possibility of comparing the load result with the "resting" state, which can show the limits of your regeneration capacity. Having information about the functioning of the body during the rest phase is therefore at least as important as monitoring their change during loading/training.

The physiological basis of mySASY is the evaluation of the activity of the autonomic nervous system, which is influenced by other factors of everyday life in addition to training. For example, psychological stress, food intake, the influence of specific substances (coffee, smoking, ...), biorhythms, ... . The more you eliminate the influence of these factors in the measurement, the better the observable effect of training. Morning measurement before the first intake of food appears to be the best. If this is not acceptable, it is advisable to find another part of the day, when the impact of these "interfering" factors will be as small as possible (longer distance from eating food and the mentioned substances, mental stress, significant physical activity, ...).

mySASY will help anyone who wants to improve the physical condition in the most effective way. For top and performance athletes the application of mySASY is quite obvious. Appropriate use by a recreational athlete depends on his/her goal. If the goal is any systematic action to improve the condition, mySASY will help to find the most effective impulses and regime. If the goal is only sports activity itself, without any ambition to improve your performance, the use of mySASY will be harder to find.


No, they cannot. The mentioned, widely available, "quick tests" have a very low-resolution activity ANS. Unwanted situation/phenomena are revealed only when they cannot usually be avoided. mySASY, on the other hand, detects their onset at an earlier stage, when their external manifestation can still be prevented by appropriate load adjustment. "Quick tests" also cannot identify the above-average condition of the organism, indicating the need to effectively increase the load. In addition, short tests are significantly burdened by a possible measurement error, which is methodically significantly worse for a record lasting 1-3 minutes.

The principle of functioning of mySASY uses a physiological phenomenon, which requires and requires the most demanding mathematical methods and algorithms to capture and evaluate. All this, however, takes place automatically under the direction of mySASY, outside the user interface. The user only gets information about the measurement results in several detailed forms. Which one to choose and in how detailed the results and their application will be dealt with is up to the user.

If you are interested in more detailed information about SA HRV, the method we use to measure, please feel free to visit the Academy on our website. We continuously publish information and articles about the interpretation of results and their practical application on our blog.



Mobile devices (phones and tablets) running Android 5.0 and higher or with iOS 13.2 and above.

Bluetooth 4.0 / BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) required for signal transmission.

The mobile devices not older than 4 years meet this specification.

Does your device meet the specified parameters and still have complications? Contact us!


Make sure that the measurements are performed in a “Standard” condition (Manual).

The measurement results in the standard state correspond to the real state of the organism. It is up to the user to analyze the causes and patterns associated with both training and other factors and influences. It is recommended to start a more detailed interpretation of the results only after the first determination of the mySASY training profile (or at least after the first 8-10 measurements).


Experience shows:

- In some cases, even the long-term use of the mySASY and detailed analysis of the results will reveal the maximum potential of the system to users. Using mySASY, it is possible to identify the real impact of training and other factors on the condition of the organism and to implement the knowledge to the training improvement.

- The better and more systematically the training is conducted, the more measurement results correspond to the user's expectations.

- At low quality or intensity of training, other factors of life may influence the measurement result more than training. The results of measurements do not necessarily correspond only to the dependence on the realized training, which users often expect.

- Ideas about the impact of training on the organism often differ significantly from reality. It is up to users whether they accept it and use mySASY to change the current status.

Follow the news and blog on our website. There you will find a lot of useful information to help you interpret the results. Among other things, upcoming seminars and educational events that will teach how to use mySASY more effectively.

1. Check your Internet connection before sending. If the Internet connection is not working at all, or the application fails for any reason, the captured record (heard beats) cannot be sent.

You can send the data from the LAST (!!!) measurement whenever you are connected to the Internet again. To do so, use the “Send Data”/ “Send Data to Portal” option in the Mobile App Menu (Figure 13).

2. If the measurement was terminated prematurely (before taking enough heartbeats) by pressing the STOP button, the application will notify you of an unprecedented measurement. Such a measurement cannot be properly stored and evaluated! The measurement is terminated automatically (see manual). At the end of the measurement, the application will warn you with an audible signal.

3. If the measurement was ended regularly / automatically and the application still displays “Data processing error, has the entire measurement been completed? … ” It indicates that the record of the measurement has probably very low quality to process it.

The most common causes of poor record quality:

•    Error in the measurement process - measurement in accordance with the manual, at rest, without any other disturbing activity, correctly fitted strap, sufficiently wetted electrodes, tightened the strap.
•    Transmission quality (higher skin resistance) - at higher skin resistance, the ECG gel, the better elastic band will help reducing resistance.
•    Transmission quality (belt) - make sure that: the strap is in the right position, tight enough, the adhesion of the electrodes to the skin is ok. The quality of the transmission can be monitored on the running record in the application - graphical representation of whether the recording is normal, (it is not an ECG record - dashes/peaks on the main screen of our application) - Android - if the recording is irregular and it has too red high jumps, it is likely that there are fluctuations - reading errors. - iOS - the record should run regularly if they jump up and down, indicating that the signal is worsening that there are fluctuations - reading errors.
•    Physiological cause - irregularities in the heart rhythm, other possible health / physiological complications.

•    Complications with pulse reading could also be due to strap electrode condition and reduced monitor battery capacity.


Repeat the measurement. Before starting the new measurement, check that the heart rate has calmed down. If also other measured data cannot be sent due to poor record quality, please contact our support or take the measurement the next day.

If the last measurement has not been sent properly (either due to causes 1, 2, 3), the message "There is data from the previous measurement." Do you want to send them? ”If it was a regular measurement (point 1), select“ send / YES ”. If the measurement was inaccurate (points 2., 3.), select “delete / NO”.

Please check if your mobile device meets technical requirements (FAQ lower). Parameters can be found in the Settings of your device or on the website of the seller or manufacturer.

Please make sure Bluetooth function is turned on.

Put on mySASY monitor as we describe it in our manual.

Moisten the electrodes sufficiently and tighten the elastic strap. Perform the connecting at rest. A longer and stable signal of your heart rate is required to pair the monitor with the application on your mobile device for the first time.

The monitor cannot be paired if it is already paired with another mobile device such as a watch, bracelet, etc. If this happens, Bluetooth must be turned off for the previously paired mobile device before pairing.  Also, make sure that the functionality of the Bluetooth is not limited by any phone function or application.

You must enable location for Android.

If the pairing problems persist, we recommend that you try reinstalling the application.

For monitoring and evaluation of SA HRV with mySASY, a monitor with an accuracy of 0,001 (R-R interval) and transmitting information using Bluetooth 4 and higher is required.

Despite the fact that monitors from other manufacturers meet these parameters, mySASY a.s. is not really able to guarantee the measurement accuracy of all third-party devices.

You can test your device's compactness with mySASY by downloading mySASYmobile app in your mobile store (AppleStore, GooglePlay) for free (no login required). The procedure of pairing the device with the app is described in the mySASY manual, which can be downloaded from MYSASY ACADEMY - DOWNLOAD.


A simple, though surprising answer for someone, is NO. mySASY monitors the activity of the system (Autonomic nervous systém), which response very sensitively to all impulses from the external environment. The uniqueness of the technical solution and measurement methodology using mySASY is that it allows realizing measurements in a regime that has been permanently tested for more than 20 years i.e. to evaluate morning, resting measurement (the system is most stable before measurement) through a specific protocol. A part of the measurement protocol is a controlled application of a significant, professionally postural, stress maneuver (5 min rest stand up position, followed by an immediate supine position), which in a controlled way brings the organism out of its original equilibrium. Within the measurement protocol, we observe the reaction of the organism to this maneuver.


The maneuver also causes a longer-term change in the organism, which may result in a change in the measurement result that would be performed immediately after the completion of the standard measurement.

Monitoring devices for mySASY must always meet two basic technical requirements:

1. Must be connectable via Bluetooth.
2. Must have the ability to measure the RR interval (heart rate) precisely to the nearest thousandth of a second.

We are working hard to use valid ECG data from smart watches, nevertheless according to our experience and available information, there is no optical sensor on the market today that would measure your heart rate with the accuracy we require. HRV data from smart watches, using an optical sensor, are for guidance only. In order for SA HRV monitoring to be sufficiently accurate, it is necessary to use a chest strap (ECG principle) to measure heart rate.

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