mySASY Training Profile
& Its Long Term Use


Training Profile
& Its Long Term Use

Morning measurement with mySASY is a great guide for athletes of all performance levels to determine the current state of their body before the next training. Depending on the morning measurement, athletes optimally adjust the training structure for that day. They go according to plan, reduce or increase the training load.

How to work with this information not only on specific days will help you discover the unique function of mySASY - Training Profile, which is an essential tool for evaluating training and the health of the organism in the long run.

What is the Training Profile?

The Training Profile is a detailed analysis that determines how your body resists central fatigue (as described in this article) and how it responds to the load. How fast or slow it can regenerate. You can easily see where you have the potential to improve.

Thanks to the tens of thousands of measurements we have done so far, we are able to identify four basic Training Profiles. We compare yours with them and describe your Training Profile!

Four mySASY training profiles:

How do the outputs of the Training Profile look like?

  1. We will determine and describe your training typology: talent, a classic, a holder or a threat.

  2. We monitor long-term adaptation capacity, i.e. your ability to resist central fatigue and to adapt to load.

  3. We'll add a detailed description of the Autonomic nervous system activity, recommend appropriate training load, and advise you on what to focus on with our diagnostics in training.

  4. We document the entire course of your measurement in detail and display its limit values.

Why determine your Training Profile repeatedly and how often?

After the initial determination of your Training Profile (the first 15 measurements after your registration) you already know your capacity to resist the central fatigue. You continue to measure and adjust your training continuously according to your morning measurements with mySASY. However, the next determination of your Training Profile will help you see if and what longer-term impact adjustments have, and whether you are moving in the right direction. The development of the Training Profile and long-term trends is ideal to monitor approximately every 2-3 months. Three months is a long enough time for the training adjustments to manifest.

How to do it? In your mySASY account ("Training Profile" tab), you will start creating another profile and have 35 days to complete 15 standard measurements, based on which your current Training Profile is automatically determined. Upon completion, you will go through the new profile and compare it to the original / previous one. If you have proceeded correctly, your training profile should improve: move right and / or up. If your profile deteriorated, the training regime was not ideal for the body. Look for new ways. We recommend increasing the measurement frequency and focusing on adjusting the training plan to your results.

Use the Basic+ or Sport subscription if you want the Training Profile feature to be available repeatedly and to maximize mySASY's potential for your training. You can upgrade - HERE.

In the long run, monitoring of the Training Profile is an important clue to confirm the proper management of training. Great Training Profile results are also rewarding for the well-executed training period. Morning 15-minute measurement is the best investment in your training! The Training Profile helps you prevent injuries, detect oncoming colds and avert the risk of overtraining.

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