What's new in mySASY?


Technical news and improvements.

At mySASY, we are not slowing down in development, and after deploying New version of measurement,
we have now implemented innovations based on the suggestions of our users:

Modification of restrictions for invalid measurements:

► In the last update of the mySASY Training application, measurements can be performed repeatedly without a time limit if the first result came out as an invalid measurement. Application versions are marked Android 3.0.3 and iOS 3.0.1.

News on the Coach Account:

► It is now possible to monitor the development and data of the mySASY Training Profile directly from the Coach Account. The detail of the selected athletes shows the last determined profile, or the number of remaining measurements until its completion.

The section also includes a button directly displaying the complete mySASY Training Profile.


► Coaches have the option to add any text note to the athlete directly in the detail of a specific athlete.


► The team members are now sorted alphabetically in the "Athletes" tab.


If you are interested in more information about the mySASY Coach Account, please continue to the Profi section.


As we mentioned in the introduction, all the above modifications were created based on information from our users. We thank you for your suggestions and hope that these new functions will help users work more efficiently with our system.


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