User stories: A new dimension of training with mySASY


User stories: A new dimension of training with mySASY

Because we lack a lot of information and feedback from our users, we follow up on a series of blogs called "Stories", in which we share experiences, impressions and insights that come directly from our users. We decided to analyze one such interesting feedback with the client in more depth and we bring you such a "case study".

4 years ago I knew almost nothing about mySASY, although I had a Garmin watch, I didn't train for any races. Above all, I wanted to increase my resilience to keep up the high pace and reset my head.

As a former performance athlete, I thought I knew all the essentials about training. It was a pity that I then applied little of it in practice. I just always went stupidly out of the house, turned on my watch and started running (warm-up short, no compensation, training structure minimal). I just "raced with my watch" every day (better pace, more km, lower heart rate) and that was about it.

The result was that I was more and more tired and my performance stagnated. During this period, I met mySASY. At the beginning, I did not pay much attention to mySASY ("again some news"), but after experience from acquaintances and gaining more information, I was interested in the system for checking the condition of the organism. When I started mySASY, there were no training profiles, no color heatmap, no 4min measurements. I measured in an older application and with the original version measuring 15 min. This is what my body condition looked like at the beginning:

Those who already know mySASY know that these are not much results. With a well-structured training regimen that suits the individual, the results should not get to the top left in the chart. They should rather appear in the right part of the graph. If they fall, they should move in the lower right quadrant and worse in the lower left quadrant of the graph. The results in the upper left quadrant are a strong warning that something is wrong and that something needs to be done about it.

It was an interesting and cautious finding, but "I didn't have time for it." At that time, there was no such wide support and availability of information for mySASY, where I would read the recommendations (eg the mentioned training profile). And since I didn't know much about the data, I postponed mySASY for 6 months, saying that I probably train a little and stomped even more. After a while, health complications came and I became more interested in mySASY again.

I soon realized that the structure of my training was lousy and the overall external stress and lack of sleep as well. However, as it turned out, even knowledge will not save you if you do not apply that knowledge and observe what applies to you and what does not. The next year I trained more or less blindly according to universal training boards and plans. I did not change the plan at all according to the result of mySASY. I just expected that in the end, my speech in mySASY would just change. The result for the year was as follows:


No big change. A year later, when I complained to a friend that I still had the same results and that it seemed strange to me, he asked me, “And what did you expect? If you have the same inputs, the outputs will be the same. The training regimen you set doesn't work for you. You have to change him. ”He was right, of course. During this period, there was also a shift in the mySASY application and automatically calculated training profiles appeared. For the first profiles, I used mostly Thread and Classic. Shortly after completing the first profile, we were injured in training and suspended for a while.

After returning to the training process, I left the original training plans, became more interested in possible regime changes and regularly monitored my body's reactions on a daily basis in mySASY. Sometimes it didn't make sense to me at all, other times completely. It turned out that, for example, after several days with a minimum of sleep (average around 5 hours a day) I have a drop in capacity to 2-3 weeks. Or that if I want to work out on the weekend, I have to sleep well from Wednesday, give strength training on Thursday, and intense intervals on Friday. Sometimes, of course, it didn't work, so the annual results looked like this:

Anyway, I realized that something was still missing, so I also started to focus on food, regeneration and, above all, sensible compensatory activity. Stretching and cold water every morning (as when young: D), dynamic warm-up before training and compensatory stretching and relaxation after training. On days of low current compensation mySASY was just a walk, physio workout, on days of high compensation training, after days off in low compensation as HIIT activation or higher intensity. After these regime changes, wonder of the world, my results began to change. First as follows (the worst are in the time of COVID):




Thanks to mySASY, I discovered a new dimension of training and finally started to increase the resistance of my body. I would summarize my findings in these 3 points:

1. The structure of the training is absolutely crucial, but it must be individualized. Going crazy with watches, wattmeters and just one exercise (running, cycling,…) is not OK.

2. Training blindly according to a training plan can be a waste of time, energy and can even be dangerous to health if the long-term / short-term state of the body is not taken into account.

3. mySASY is a great tool that alerts me every morning to the real state of my body, and if it's not OK, I have to think about the cause. If I don't, I'm going against myself.


We hope you enjoyed our user experience. If you would like to share some interesting information or knowledge from monitoring with mySASY, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to listen to you :).


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