myUPGRADE Part 1


myUPGRADE Part 1

Since the beginning of this year, we have been working hard to gradually improve our system. Taking in account user suggestions, we have now managed to prepare several major innovations and upgrades. The improvements will make it easier for you to work with mySASY and provide additional opportunities to improve your heart rate variability monitoring. In addition to better and clearer visualization, a few new features will be added, ensuring easier interpretation and providing completely new information.

We are preparing the myUPGRADE in several directions:

⇒ Upgrade of the client environment and display of results (new graphics and several new functionalities within the existing tabs).

⇒ Brand new myTraining module that integrates training data with HRV data and provides an "automated training plan". Due to the fact that myTraining works with training data, we are also working on automatic synchronization with Strava enabling automatic import of training data from almost all types of "smartwatches" / sports testers. We are working on other integrations that will follow depending on the course and results of negotiations with companies running other applications and training systems. (we will explain this module in the next article).

⇒ Brand new mobile applications for iOS and Android eliminating the bugs of current versions, offering completely new graphics, a cleaner environment, and several other functional innovations. In order to fine-tune the new applications as much as possible, it will take some time to work on them, so they will be published as the last of the mentioned :).

Since we are finishing some of the updates now (they are not yet part of the system), we have decided to offer you at least a small taste of what will the myUPGRADE look like. A number of functions will be added in addition to new graphics, we would like to describe the upcoming changes. New users will find out what they can look forward to. Current users can prepare for new functions in time and start using them as soon as possible after their implementation.

The mySASY system has already processed hundreds of thousands of measurements. Thanks to this data, it was possible to adjust the number of measurements needed for calculations and display of individual functions:

  • myHRV (Training Capacity) - from the first measurement
  • myCOMPENSATION (Compensation) - already after the 6th measurement
  • myPROFILE (Training Profile) - after the 8th measurement
  • myAGE (Functional Age) - already after the 7th measurement
  • myTRAINING - already after the 10th measurement (only available when training data is provided - manually or automatic synchronization)


Compensation ►► myCompensation

The first new feature we will introduce to you is the modification of the function monitoring the current level of compensation of your organism. Not only will the tachograph change in this section, but the newly modified algorithms will allow the color coding of the results to be unified so that it will always correspond to the myHRV (Training Capacity) and myAge (Functional Age) graphs. In addition, as part of the innovation, there will be an overall closer link between these tabs, using a new table that will link the values from HRV monitoring with training information. Because this table is connected with another new feature, the myTraining function will be described in more detail in the next part of this article series.

Display for one measurement:

Display for more measurements:


Functional Age ►► myAGE

Unlike the current version, which "only" displayed the current value of the Functional Age of the organism, myAGE will now also determine the individual range of values. This new feature will offer you a cleaner and more comprehensive form of information about the "age of your organism". Monitoring of the long-term development and speed of change using arrows will be added showing the current trend. Finally, you will also have the option to display the current and long-term functional age.


New in tabs

For more convenient monitoring of your result development, we will add to the tabs (myTraning, my Compensation and myAge) the option to choose from preset periods (week, 14 days, month, 3 months), so it will be possible to choose a larger number of results without having to go to the calendar. This will be appreciated especially by those who monitor the results exclusively in the mobile interface.

As more innovations await to be introduced and we do not want to overwhelm you with new information, you can look forward to the next part of the myUPGRADE series. In the next part, we will introduce you to the already mentioned table and the new function myTRAINING, which is closely connected with it. Do you dare to guess what this function will look like? :)

Thank you for your support and the opportunity to take mySASY further and further, to a higher level.

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