Don't have measuring equipment?


HRV monitor mySASY

A high-quality chest strap is required to accurately measure heart rate variability. Heart rate measurement with the chest strap uses the same principle as used in healthcare. The electrical activity of the heart (ECG) is measured using electrodes and a sensor. In this way, the heart rate can be measured very accurately in real time, without delay.

The mySASY HRV monitor meets the highest demands for accuracy. It can measure heart rate to the nearest thousandth of a second (RR interval). If your goal is accuracy and reliability, mySASY monitor is the right choice for you.


The strap is made of a pleasant elastic material and has the possibility of adjusting the length (64-125 cm), so it fits perfectly and surrounds the chest well. The sensing surfaces (electrodes) have improved sensitivity. This safely ensures that sensing is always accurate and that there is no interference when the monitoring is standardized. Thanks to a special surface treatment, the strap has a longer service life and lasts for a long time without losing accuracy or functionality. The monitor is powered by a battery of type: CR2032, which is replaceable.


mySASY monitor also has its own unique ID, thanks to which it is better identifiable when connecting. For example, when measuring multiple people in one room, you know who is currently using which monitor.

The mySASY HRV monitor can transmits data using Bluetooth (Smart) and ANT + technology. Thanks to this, it becomes a useful helper not only for monitoring heart rate variability (mySASY measurements), but also for monitoring the training. It is not blocked in any way and can be connected to mobile applications (such as Strava, Nike Run, Adidas Running App, Run with Map, Map My Ride, IpBike, etc.) and devices (such as smart watches, sporttesters, bracelets and more).


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