Training Profile

Thanks to the tens of thousands of measurements we have done so far, we can identify four basic training profiles. We will determinate and describe your profile and compare it with them! The training profile will show you how the body resists central fatigue and responds to stress. How fast or slow it can regenerate. You can easily see where you have the potential to improve.

Observe the change in position of the result of the current measurement compared to the previous measurements

Just as important as tracking the location of the actual reset, is the evaluation of "parameter dynamics", the shift of the results from the previous measurement. The following basic principles apply:
Shift to the right - improving regeneration and energy replenishment.
Left shift - slowing regeneration and replenishing energy sources.
Shift down - activation of the organism and increasing stress (optimal response to stress).
Shift up - decrease of activation
Left-down shift - excessive load signal.
Scroll right-up - start of supercompensation.
For more detailed information on how to interpret "parameter dynamics" depending on load, please see MySASY academy

MySASY virtual coach recommendations – text description

The basic text recommendation for the next training procedure is based on the results of the current and previous measurements and your information on ongoing training load.

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